• Dalin Larsen

    Dalin Larsen

    Product Manager. Builder of Software, Muscle Cars, and Lego

  • David Such

    David Such

    Reefwing Software · Engineer · iOS & Android Development · Robotics · Drones #Arduino #RaspberryPi

  • Camille Puentespina

    Camille Puentespina

    I’m that tiny girl from the Philippines with large UX design dreams that shares her thoughts on Medium. Expedock’s Product Designer & UXSoc’s EVP.

  • Paul Curisinche

    Paul Curisinche

    Peruvian UX Designer with mucho sabor! Let’s humanize Technology!

  • Chieri Wada

    Chieri Wada

    Freelance UX/UI designer @ Two’s Complement

  • Shane Guymon

    Shane Guymon

    I'm a simple yet complex guy from Texas, a product designer (UX), and a lucky father of four amazing children.

  • Asif Shaikh

    Asif Shaikh

    Purveyor of Happiness. Perpetual Learner. Permanent Enthusiast. I use weird metaphors while teaching.

  • Neelam Chand

    Neelam Chand

    I’m a new mom, woman of color, diversity & inclusion practitioner in Utah.

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