What would you do if disaster struck? Or if you had a leak in one of your buildings and had to relocate hundreds of faculty, staff, and students? Would a university know what to do? How would they get back to business as usual?

A team of three set out to improve the experience of business continuity planning and take it to a whole new level.

How might we?

How might we help universities create and complete actionable BCP’s (Business Continuity Plans)?


Kuali had an existing product called Ready. It helps universities create plans that help universities get back to business as usual.

A collaboration story

The Problem

There are 7 products all made by the same company that looks and feels different. Some customers use multiple Kuali products that all have different user experiences and user interfaces.

Switching between software is jarring and user experience is different between products causing user fatigue and confusion.

Having an inconsistent UI costs the company a lot of time and development resources which is wasteful and expensive.

Our Goal

Create a consistent user experience across all of Kuali’s 7 products. …

Aaron Uyehara

Just another kid from the L A I E. Product Designer @Kuali.co

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